Property in Pattaya (Thailand)

Thailand is one of the most popular countries in South-East Asia for holidays and buying property abroad. Such popularity he provide the amazing beauty of local nature, sustainable economy, low cost of living combined with developed infrastructure.

Among the areas which are most popular among foreigners to buy property are the resorts of Pattaya and Hua hin, Phuket and Koh Samui. Also demand for housing in the capital of Thailand – Bangkok. Our compatriots are most interested in real estate Phuket and Pattaya.

Buying property in Thailand is fraught with certain difficulties associated with the fact that foreigners are prohibited to own land in the country. Therefore, the greatest demand among foreigners are apartments. At the same time, buying villas in the country are also possible through registration of the property for long term rent with a right of renewal.

However, neither the difficulties in the design of home ownership, nor the remoteness of the country from their permanent place of residence do not stop those who are going to buy a property in Thailand, which is gradually transformed from exotic to one of the popular destinations to buy a second home abroad.